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Last weekend my sister and I did some Christmas shopping together. It was so nice to spend time with her! She is definitely one-of-a-kind and has such a vibrant, fun personality. Mckenna is a social butterfly, outgoing and talkative….while I’m shy, pretty timid, and I don’t talk a lot. Ha! She is so confident and I think that will benefit her as she goes through high school (she starts high school next year! What!) We are nine years apart, and although I’ll always see her as my little sister…I’m proud of the gal she’s growing up to be ;) Oh but back to the shopping… (we’re really good at that by the way) …we got a lot done and found some good deals! That’s always a plus. And we even stopped to take a few pictures….

…bahaha! Hopefully we won’t be too embarrassed by these pictures 10 years from now ;)

…Love ya Kenz!



So fun! I’ve always wanted a sister. That necklace looks darling on you, by the way :)

I love both of your outfits! You’re both so stylish. I would love to have a sister, too, but over the years I’ve really grown to love having brothers and I wouldn’t trade mine for the world! That’s great that you and your little sister could spend some time together going Christmas shopping! Sounds like tons of fun.


The baby bump looks soooo fine.

And I wish, I had a sister.

Oh no … you two won’t be embarrassed one tiny bit in 10 years … you have these special memories to keep for a lifetime!! You two are absolutely adorable, and what a sweet spot for these photos!! Love your Thanksgiving image, too, by the way!! :)

you two are so cute! and you look way closer together than 9 years. your bump is so cute by the way. can’t wait for mine to pop :)


Beautiful pictures! In ten years you’ll love to look back at them…You look alot alike….both pretty young ladies! PS I can start to see “That precious bread in the oven “a” risin’….LOL Love Terra


My girls!! =)I agree with Deborah and Terra, you will both love to look at these pics later on =) <3

Two very pretty ladies. x


So cute!
This post reminds me of my and my sister!
We have 7 years difference, but shes my bestfriend.
Sisties are the best!


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