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During these dreary (and somewhat long) winter months, I need to remember to bring some life inside our home. Not only in a tangible way but with my attitudes, my words, and my actions. As of late, I have fallen so short of doing this and have let the mundane, every day things bring me down. Some days my thoughts turn the wrong way and pretty soon I’m headed toward negativity, ungratefulness, and discouragement. Maybe even toward a little bit of self-pity. Whatever it is, it isn’t pretty!

“We bring life into the home all the time. Our positive presence, our exuberance, our attitude, our servant ministry, our life-giving words, our smiles, our prayers, our energy, our lovely appeal, and our compassion, our grace and our mercy all give forth life.”

….Praying that this is true in my life today. And every day.



I so get you on this. This time of year is so hard with the long, dreary, get dark early days and nights. May I ever bring life to my home and family as well. Thanks for sharing!


I think we all go through that, wether, it be the ‘weather” lol or other strifefull things….Always nice to know that it’s a feeling that we all sometimes go through, and share! Can’t wait for Spring myself !!!! LOl Terra

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