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where God has called me to be.

(Leland and I two summers ago)

Today, I’m not a photographer I’m just a mom. Actually, not just a mom…because it’s actually a beautiful calling. I didn’t send many emails and I didn’t read any wedding or photography blogs. I decided to not compare myself to other photographers because today, I’m just being who God called me to be in this moment, during this time.

Today, I didn’t dream any big dreams or make any lists of “accomplishments” or write down big goals. I watched my son paint, though, and I took the time to read him books.

Today, I didn’t think of anything too creative and I didn’t really think I did anything too successful by the world’s standards. But I did get all of the laundry done and even took time to play some guitar…and that, to me, is pretty much a success ;)

I’m learning the balance between wanting to work- being known for something and simply being a mom. Between what the world calls success and what people would call ordinary. The day-to-day verses the highlights of a “career.”

But today, when my son says “I love you” and he plops down on my lap and sings me a song…those more “important things”….the successes, the status quo, the need to compare….it all fades away. God is helping me to see the bigger picture, the season I’m in. The letting go and the giving in…and what a freeing thing it is to just…be. Be where God has called me to be right now. Enjoying these day-to-day moments, not putting so much pressure on myself, and glorifying Him in even the smallest things.


I couldn’t agree more sister. Yes and amen. There is something SO valuable and priceless about these moments as a mother that far away the rush of worldly success. Something lasting, eternal, that far outweighs the “BIG” things. I’m learning so much about this lately and excited to see how God is taking us both on this amazing journey of motherhood. xoxo

*outweigh, not away. : )

I can’t tell you how much this blessed my heart today, Arielle. My heart is to just be a wife & mom (someday)…but it’s so much more than “JUST.” I can’t imagine a higher or greater calling for my life. Thank you for this post, sweet lady!

As torn as our hearts may be at moments between the pull to make our names great in the photo world, and the pull to invest richly in the hearts of our little ones, we have chosen wisely when we choose what we believe God is calling us to. I feel the similar feelings as yours and constantly have conversations with my hubby about whether to start back up in photography. I wish I had just another mommy friend who could do the biz with me so we can divide and conquer the biz and remain faithful moms at home. Wouldn’t that seem wonderful. But I too have felt so strongly about puttin my focus at home, though at times I really want to go back.

Any way, I ramble in agreance with you. Your post is beautifully relevant to my heart!

Hi arielle! I am so glad that i am finally able to leave you a little comment here. I’ve just discovered your blog recently and have been so inspired by your honest thoughts about life, relationships, faith and the nature of blogging. It is refreshing to read the thoughts of someone like myself who strives to be beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. You are doing such a wonderful job here arielle….never change who you are in your heart. Such an inspiration!


Thanks for such a refreshing reminder… You’re not the only one who gets caught up in the cares of the world.

This is such a beautiful post! I have a hard time just being. Sometimes I feel overwhelming pressure to just be a mom already. In my life, I have to focus on where God has me in this moment and that doesn’t mean being a mom yet or having my dream career. That is so hard for others to understand and for myself too. Thanks for the beautiful reminder to just be.

I just love this. You have such an honest spirit and I want you to know it shines through your writing! I can sense that God has given you a passion for motherhood and raising your children in the Lord! Know that you have been entrusted with such a wonderful calling! Children are a blessing.

When it comes to work, sometimes I’m reminded of the story of Mary and Martha. Martha was busy doing the work, while Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and cherished that relationship. Jesus said Mary had chosen what was better… and I think you have too. :)

man, thank you so much for this reminder.

such a beautiful post! i need to keep this in mind once my babe comes.


love this. and just remember- God is using you to raise your little ones for the glory of God, and the way you raise them is sooo important for the future. ♥

Your posts are always such a breath of fresh air to read! My desire is to finally find the balance between pursuing my dreams and being the best mom/wife I can be. It’s such a challenge to not become totally focused on one thing above the other. But, I always notice everything falls into place a whole lot nicer when I keep my eyes focused on God and surrender all of my desires/passions/goals/dreams into His hands… the problems always arise when I scoop ’em back up and try to steer the wheel.
You are a wonderful mommy and I know the baby on the way will appreciate and love you just as much as your big boy does! ((hugs))

God works in amazing mysterious ways & when I don’t read blogs too often, yet check my feed and click to read this post – it’s pretty clear that God is speaking to me through your blog post. Thank you so much for putting it down on ‘paper’ and sharing.
“God is helping me to see the bigger picture, the season I’m in. The letting go and the giving in…and what a freeing thing it is to just…be. Be where God has called me to be right now. Enjoying these day-to-day moments, not putting so much pressure on myself, and glorifying Him in even the smallest things.” <- seeing the big picture & letting go & giving in & enjoying moments & glorifying Him – I pray that you are able to continue to do this for YOU to glorify him. I need to pray that I will be more in tune with God & lean on him when I need to [every.time] & delve into his Word to continue learning to do so…


I truely love how you love our Leland!!!! Love you girl!!! Terra

love this post, arielle. love your heart :)


These are gorgeous … I stumbled upon your blog and i love it. Great images and tones to your photos. And i agree with you … too often, we forget the small things in life, and we should be thankful for them.

Beautiful sentiment! And so true!! I’ve been reading along for a little while now and I just love your blog! I really appreciate your honesty and a lot of your posts make me think and reflect, so thank you for that!
And your photo’s are gorgeous, every time!

xox Maria


Thank you so much Maria! Thank you for the encouragement as well :) Blessings, Arielle


Thanks so much!! :) xo


Thank you Pam! Thank you so much for your encouragement. I hope that your day is blessed :) ~ Arielle


Thank you so much Becky! Thank you for the encouragement, too :) It blessed me! Have a beautiful day, Arielle


Thank you Abigail! :) xo


Thank you Amber! Blessings, Arielle


Thank you so much Cassidy!! What an encouragement your comment and kind words are! Still learning…but I’m trusting that I’m making the right decision as a sahm. It truly is a blessing. Hope you have a great day! ~Arielle


Love this, Amy! Thank you so much for your comment…and you are so right, for everything there is a season :) Blessings! xo


Thank you Sarah! Blessings, Arielle


Hi Heather! Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! I truly appreciate it. Thank you! :) Blessings, Arielle


Wow, loved your comment- thank you! Confirmation to what I’m thinking/feeling with the whole photography business and sahm mom thing :) Thank you so much for your encouragement Jhen! Glad I’m not the only one :) lol


Thank you for these sweet words of encouragement, Hannah! xo!


Thank you so much for these encouraging words, Heather! So true, and something I need to keep reminding myself :) Blessings!

Tara Hobgood

I cannot wait for this. (lord willing that is) Thank you for painting such a beautiful and refreshing picture of being a caregiver and mother. You encourage me.

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