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little man.

Be still my heart! I love this little blue eyed little man so very much. He turned two months old last week- 2 months! How does time go by that fast? Can I stop time for just a little bit? The first month of adjusting to having two little ones was full of…well, adjustment- ha! Now it is becoming easier and Beau is just so sweet. Not to mention, I think he kinda looks like me…. which is totally ok with me because Leland looks just like my husband. ;) Thankful to be able to spend my day with this little man and his big brother!!


Gorgeous eyes!!! Congrats on a 2 month baby :)

Ah mama, he is so precious! And super gorgeous like his mommy x

Oh my he is just a cutie!!

What a sweetie! I’m in love with those eyes! He does look just like you Arielle!

Such a beautiful boy! Hannah said she thought he looked like your brother. He definitely favors you. Enjoy all the lovely chaos! <3

Eeeek! I can’t believe he’s already two months old! & I agree, he does look like his mama ;)

Aww, he’s so so adorable! And I saw these pictures and before I read your post I was like woah he looks like Arielle, although I do see a little Jay in him. Too cute! Someday I think I want two little boys. We’ll see what God does though aha.

Aww! He’s getting so big! Such a sweet little guy! :)


Look at that “personality”!! Love it!! His sweet face is filling out and filled with smiles. Love the pic of “a sideways glance” coming out of his pretty blue eyes!!! Mage

So cute! I think he looks like you too:)

How precious! What a little blessing, he’s so beautiful, Arielle!

– Katelyn

omg how is he already 2!!!!! he is sooo darling! and yes he does look like his beautiful mommy!

have a great week my friend

and when i said 2 i meant 2 months! ha!

he’s beautiful, arielle :)


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