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an easter to remember.

Easter- one of my favorite holidays! I could sit here and tell you that we all got dressed up, went to church, ate some delicious candy, and had a wonderful Easter this year. But then I’d be lying :) We didn’t go to church, we didn’t dress up (hello, sweatpants!), and we all had the stomach flu! Yay! Thankfully I was feeling 50% better on Easter day so I hid some eggs for the boys to find. Other than that, we stayed inside. (And let’s be real here, we drank way to0 much gatorade and watched way too much tv.) Anywho, we’re all feeling better now which is a big “hallelujah!” but boy, that will definitely forever be an Easter to remember :) Hope your day and weekend was blessed!

I loved that Walmart had some of the best (and most affordable) Easter stuff! So cute!!

…hahaha I could caption this picture in a million ways. Basically how we all we’re feeling- ha!


Oh man… the stomach flu is the worst. We got hit with something over here, too… but thankfully it wasn’t that bad. Poor Beau! That photo made me laugh, but also want to give the poor guy a good hug. haha :) I hope you’re all feeling better!! <3

PS – Tell Leland to stop growing! ;) Golly, he's looking so grown up!!

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