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the best is now.

Every now and then I’ll catch myself saying “Oh, Ill be able to do such and such when the kids are older” or “I’ll be able to pursue and chase that ambition after the kids grow up some.” As if I’m anticipating the “better” and the best is yet to come. But lately when I’ve caught myself saying those types of things, I’ve stopped myself. The best is not later- it’s not in a future ambition or future goals and plans….the best is right here, right now.

These years when I’m knee-deep in everything little kid/baby/toddler- these are good years. To always be thinking of the ‘then’ will only make me miss the good in these years now. The days may be simple (and sometimes long…very long) and they may ordinary and mundane….but they are blessed and good. They are years I will never get back and to pass them up and wish them away would be a shame.

I pray that I keep my eyes on the present…enjoying each day, each moment. Because before long, they’ll be gone and I’m sure I’ll be wishing them back. The best is not yet to come, years away….the best is now, right in front of me.


You had me at “the days are very long”! :). Actually you had me at all of it! I am so right there with you! When Joss was born we had to leave our dream job because we had her! It was hard and I used to really tell myself… One day!

But you are so right! The best is now. Discipleship is now. Beautiful admittance! I think of your days as I go through my long days and every time I think of you, I pray for you! I pray that in your long days you see Jesus!

Very well said. I couldn’t agree more. Let’s enjoy the now, dear!

With love from the Philippines,
The forever curious Katrina

Erinn Rhoad

Love your dress! So pretty! Where did you get it?

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