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22 weeks!

More than half way there! Woo! I feel like time is seriously flying by. This summer is going to go by so fast, I have a feeling. We got to see the little one on the ultrasound again a few weeks ago and even though this is our third, it is still so surreal! It’s just as amazing to me as it was having our first. I’ve had more anxiety this time around though, which is weird because you’d think there would be more of that the first time. But whatever, it’s probably crazy hormones or something :P I’m trusting God fully and leaving all of my cares and anxieties in His hands (which is sometimes easier said than done!) Oh and we’ve got a name picked out for the little miss and I’m debating on sharing it or keeping it a secret. What do you think?? I feel like it’s more common now days to wait until birth to share the name but I think it doesn’t really matter- haha! We’ll see ;) Much love! P.S. My dress is from Asos– I think they have some of the cutest maternity clothes ever! :)


You’re the cutest Arielle! Your boys have such great names bad I can’t wait to hear your little girl’s name! I’m sure it’s lovely!

you look beautiful! i already feel like i’m going to be more anxious second time around, i think you just know more. anyway, can’t wait to hear her name :)

So excited for you! The name can wait, of course. ;)

With love from the Philippines,
The forever curious Katrina

I say surprise us! I’m all up for waiting. Like JJ said, I know its going to be lovey. You two picked out such great names for your sons.

You’re stunningly beautiful!

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