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five years later…

…and this guy is still my favorite to “date.” Haha, that was cheesy huh? It’s been a couple weeks (more like a few weeks—this post has been in ‘drafts’ for forever!) but we went out to see Nickel Creek (and took a couple pictures ;) ) It’s always so nice to get a break with just the two of us even if it’s for only a couple of hours. With little ones, I know that it’s not as easy to find time for the two of us to go out and do things together, but I think it’s so important! Between cleaning up, chasing the boys, trying to keep life in balance…sometimes it’s seriously hard to find time for just the two of us. But I’m thankful for those times where we’re able to go out, and feel like a young couple again ;) Oh and Nickel Creek was awesome, and are definitely worth seeing live! 




A very special couple who deserve these special celebrations. Thank you for being a true inspiration as I have followed your journey x

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