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the days may be long…

“The days may be long but the years are short” ….that little phrase goes through my mind many days of the week. Most definitely on the days that seem  especially loooong. The days when I’m ready for a break, even two minutes- of quiet, of stillness. With three little ones my days are constantly busy but it is a busyness I have never experienced before. It is a busy-ness of somewhat mundane tasks (ahem, picking up cheerios off the floor or making macaroni and cheese) but I do know that this time passes so quickly. Beau turned TWO this week and it was just another reminder of how the years fly by. My hope and prayer is that I will not take these days for granted, ever. They won’t always be so little, I won’t always be picking those cheerios up off the floor…and one day I’ll look back and realize that little phrase sure is true. I hope to treasure all of these moments with them and store them up! :)

My sweet and happy (and chubby) girl! (Also, how adorable is this lace bomber jacket from Evy’s Tree?! My favorite staple in my closet right now! :) )


I love this post! It’s such a good reminder and I love your cute pictures!

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