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day at the orchard.


Wow, I really can’t believe I am actually sitting down to write!  The house is quiet…Leland went with Jay to Home Depot and Reagan and Beau are asleep napping. The windows are open with the sun shining in, and I’m sitting on my bed drinking coffee- glorious! There has been an absence on this ole blog mainly because 1. we moved!! Yep, again! I don’t think I fully realized the extent of how difficult moving with three little ones would be. But now, we are finally settling in and I don’t plan on moving again for a good while. Ha! I have so many photos, so many sessions…SO many pictures that I need to post and really would love to post. I still haven’t even finished posting all of my Florida pictures! (Those are next ;) )So hopefully I will get around to that soon. For now, I wanted to share some photos that we took (before we moved!) at an orchard when it was in full bloom. I will treasure all of these photos for years to come I’m sure :)

…Beau’s face in the far right picture totally sums up his personality!

…Ha ha the chub… She is too sweet! :)


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