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being real.

i love blogging, i do. it is definitely an artistic outlet for me- the design, wording, writing, and pictures. but…i do think that a blog can sometimes portray that some have it all together. no messes, no bad hair days, no arguing with the husband, and the list goes on. as much as i absolutely love art and photography and all of that, i still can’t help but think that some of that is not always real life. maybe for some, but definitely not for me. my family ain’t perfect, my house is sometimes a mess, and i am no gourmet chef. i am young folks, and still learning.

for instance:

– today i managed to take a shower before 12, fix my hair, AND make coffee :)

– leland and i like to have the music up loud & dance around the house. (today we’re listening to aaron gilespie.)

– spending little moments with leland like this.

– some rooms in our house are a disaster. really. (see photos below)

– we’ve been so busy and i’m constantly dressing up so i treasure days i can wear sweats, like today.

– i ate fast food for lunch, once again.

(…our laundry room at the moment. you see, doing laundry isn’t a problem but putting it all away…yikes..)

(messes like this ^ )

so while leland is taking a nap, i’m going to go use this time i have and get as much done as i can!

have a beautiful monday.



Hey Arielle, yeah, I’m saying your name like I know you, but I want to say Thanks. For me, I really appreciate you admitting that your life isn’t perfect, even if it may seem that way in the blog world! I admit I look at your blog, and others, and go, ‘Wow, she seems you have a great life’! And I’m sure it is great, but of course, I only see a little part of it. That’s why I love blogs though! I love reading about other people lives, and being inspired. I also love people who keep it real, and let their readers know that they are ‘just like us’! And you are one of them!
Makes me love your blog even more!
But hey, I also know, you’re a Mom. You’re busy and have reasons for everything not being ‘perfect’! So don’t be too hard on yourself either!

My mom used to say, “where there are not oxen, the stall stays clean.” It’s her translation of one of a verse in Proverbs, meaning kids are messy but she is glad to have us in her life. Life is just messy sometimes – a beautiful mess. I love this glimpse of “real” and am reminded that I need to be more so. Thanks for your example Arielle! I hope you get a lot of stuff done while your little blessing sleeps!

This looks like my house!

And today, daddy took daughter to work, and I’m supposed to tackle that mess… hmm…

I love the honesty and rawness! And LOVE YOUR BRAID!

This is so typical for a mom! Funny, I think I “met” you before you became a mom! At some point someone will tell you that ‘this time will fly by,’ but if you live it right, you’ll have wonderful memories with Leland! And it will be worth letting stuff like laundry and housework sit, because those things are never done! :)

Found your blog through Jhen (From Here To Eternity). And I just love it! Beautiful blog, and family. And this post really hits home. I think sometimes we forget to be real on our blogs. You know, show the MESSY stuff. Thank you for your honesty!


Don’t consider your house “being messy”,consider it “lived in”.Just wait until Leland gets older and his friends start “hanging out” at your house,then you can say messy,because teenage boys do not clean up at all..(take it from me with 2 teenage boys,well almost 19 and almost 21)! They’re still very messy.Bradley really doesn’t live here anymore,and when he’s home from college the place is crazy messy with his friends being here,especially the kitchen,because they eat everything they see! Enjoy the days you have with the beautiful boy,because they will be gone before you know it. Ask your mom I’m sure she’ll agree. I treasure the memories I have stored in my mind of our chilren growing up. I so miss them days..Don’t worry about the housework and laundry,it will still be there when you get to it..
Take Care :)

love this sweet sincere post. happy monday!

You are so right! That was always the thing about blogging that has made me feel torn. While I would find so much inspiration from other bloggers, at the same time, it would also make me feel down for not having as fabulous of a life! I think it’s important to be genuine because we can offer support and it also keeps ourselves and our pride in check.

Good post!

You’re so right, Arielle. Many times blogs do portray that sense of pure joy and perfection. It’s such a positive energy that is great to turn to on average or not so great days. And it’s not that us bloggers want to seem like we have perfect lives. It’s just that, even though blogs are a place for sharing, there are just some things that should always remain private. I really liked the way you tastefully showed us pieces of your everyday life that we wouldn’t normally see today. :)

thanks for posting this…it is nice to have another mom open up about the realness of life..and that it can get messy sometimes (my house, at times, can truly testify to this), but…sometimes i find it is just so important to drop it all and just enjoy their squishiness because they grow up way too fast.

thanks for your honesty! i love your blog! it’s my favorite!

Thank you! I believe that the imperfections in life can sometimes be the most beautiful and you depicted that perfectly in this post. Every once in a while, its great to know that things aren’t perfect and that we all live life with ups and downs. Thanks again for this, I was having one of those days and its awesome to know that you can relate :)


That sounds like a great day! I too love any day where I don’t have to dress up. I work five days a week in an office and usually have something keeping my busy on the weekend. I loved how real this post was! And your little one is so adorable!

keepin’ it real.
thanks :)

Oh my goodness am I having one of those days right now! =) I love you said Leland and you enjoy the music up and dancing…it’s something I do with my little girl too. She’s napping right now. I could be doing dishes, sneaking in the shower, putting away laundry, but here I am. Reading beautiful pieces like this and realizing there’s no rush.

happy Monday dear.

ha. I love this. I can relate so much. At least you have a good reason though, you do have a newborn. kinda resembles my recent post on cleaning my living room. lol But your blog really gives me hope because it shows that men aren’t looking for PERFECT women who can clean and keep a house amazing and spotless who ALSO love the Lord. They’re looking for women who LOVE the Lord and the rest is apart of the journey. Or at least that is what I AM CHOOSING to believe to appease myself :).


Thank you for this post. Sometimes while reading others blogs I think to myself that there must be something wrong with me! How can all these other moms always look amazing, have a gorgeous clean house..etc etc. Its easy to portray a perfect life in a blog but it is so nice and refreshing to see an honest post like this :)

Arielle, I {heart} you like times TEN for giving us a sneak peek of your reality. Though I love all of your sweet posts and pictures of Leland, it’s the little moments like this that give us a glimpse of your everyday life and let us know that a real living person is behind all of these posts. :)

I think it’s great when bloggers make an effort to keep it real. Too often it seems like everyone online is perfect, has a perfect relationship with their partner, is the perfect parent etc. No on is perfect, and sometimes I think we just need to be reminded of that. Thanks for your honesty.

Hello. I want to say I really enjoy your blogs and your relationship with God. I admire you. Your son is so adorable! I am curious, did you edited your pictures? If so please do tell me! I will love to edit my pictures like your. The color, tone, etc! :-)

What a lovely, wonderful post. I agree that blogging can be like life – negativity + rose colored glasses…which is usually nice, but realness is always refreshing. It’s wonderful to see such honestly.

i love this post! not every day can be perfect and pretty <3


I love reading blogs and seeing lovely homes and beautiful outfits, but it is always so refreshing to be reminded that life is not like that all the time for anyone! Thank you Arielle :)

I love this! omg I have the same mess going on in my laundry room (I have the same laundry basket btw) and I know with a baby..where does the time all go?! Your son Leland is just soooo precious!!


How precious are those pictures? So beautiful!
And – just to cheer you up – our apartments and houses all look like this some times! x

MaGe Terra

Leave the mess and enjoy the day in sweats with Leland!
Love Terra

Those pictures are absolutely precious! I love the first one. And laundry is not a favorite of mine — I don’t mind washing it but the folding and putting away takes forever. Love this!

Have a lovely day!

I love the last pic. When I become a mom, I’m so gonna rock sweats 24/7 & I’ll probably have messes like that too. =) But I won’t mind it. Leland is the cutestt kid ever. I adore him.

You just made me feel so much better about the fact that I’ve been in sweats for two days and am sitting with two piles of laundry at my feet. You are such a genuine person and that is why I love reading your blog so much!!

oh my! looks and sounds just like me, except my mess and caos comes in spanish…

Well, I have to admitt I didn’t even get a shower today. Loved looking through your blog this evening as I get ready for bed. Thanks for sharing your heart.

(and I looked at your random things…living in the mountains used to be my life and now is my dream. and I would drop everything to go overseas and do missions in a second, but God is also teaching me he has work for me here in the states!)

I love that you posted this. I have been attempting to be more “real” in my own blogging as of late, and I find myself getting self-conscious about it. It’s nice to have some reassurance!

that video is so cute and you look so pretty with your hair like that. I love your hair color :) and I definitely agree that sometimes it seems like everyone has it all together and we don’t at all!

I found you through Jhen @ From Here to Eternity and LOVE what I’m seeing. This is the first post I’ve read and I’m hooked. I love how 0pen and honest you are and that you embrace the REALNESS of motherhood so gracefully. :) Your little guy is PRECIOUS!

I love how honest and sincere you are in all of your posts. have i mentioned that you (and leland) are GORGEOUS?! My goodness.

I ate a lot of fast food when my babe was that young too. Once she started eating (like real meals), that had to change fast!

Messes like this aren’t really messes. You should see my kitchen…or guest room…that’s truly a mess. And we don’t even have children yet… Just work 24/7. So be happy that you’re this clean especially with a kid.
And too bad about fast food for lunch… I don’t think i even remember what fast food tastes like…. though sometimes I am tempted to remind myself.

Very well said. Blogging is so funny because in a way it is a show. A show that we share and remember and pick out the good parts. Sometimes that’s ok because it helps you see the good and enjoy the little things. But it’s good to share the messy and the vulnerable sometimes too:) Wonderful post.

I love this post. And I agree that picking out the good things to blog about helps us to be more appreciative of those things. But life is also messy. So thanks for this glimpse into your mess :)

hi there! i stumbled across your blog from jennifer’s page and wanted to say your blog on her page is beautiful! thanks for being so candid and real – you are def. not along! there are too many times when a lot of us think we need those ‘great big signs from above’ to keep us going or heading in a direction. what i try to remind myself is that closed doors (praying for them) are just as important as the open ones – big and small. so if God is not shutting the door – why should we shut it on ourselves?
you have a beautiful family and i look forward to keeping in touch with your blog from time to time to see how God is continuing to move in your life!
-from one MD mom of a little boy trying to follow after God and bring others along the journey to another! God Bless yoU!!!

Love your BLOG. Your baby is ADORABLE and I totally get what your saying about laundry hahaha i always have the clothes clean, but folding then putting away ya that doesnt always happen. I look forward to reading your blog!


thank you so much for the thoughtful words rachael!
i truly appreciate it :)
blessings to you!


haha aw i love that little saying! :)
so, so true!


thank you so much for the sweet words & encouragement, mandy! :)


thank you so much kelly! it’s sometimes difficult to open up about the realness of life :P hehe but thank you so much for your encouragement!

blessings <3


haha, thank you donrea! :)


thank you kandace!

i use photoshop & different photoshop actions to edit my pictures :)


thank you so much courtney!

so thankful for the kind words of encouragement! can’t wait to check out your blog :)


thank you so much sommer….
i am so glad that you found my blog! i love jennifer’s blog! she is such a sweet sister in Christ.

can’t wait to check out your blog!

many blessings :)


thank you hannah! :)
yes, laundry is something i slack on a bit ’round here, haha!
blessings to you! xo.

Found your blog through my good friend, Jen. Thanks for “being real” and reminding us of the importance of it. Your laundry room looks a lot like mine. Ha! Look forward to reading more. :)

hi arielle,
i recently found your blog and praise God that i did. you/your family/your willingness to be a vessel for His use… inspire me. i love that God uses people, though we’re all broken and imperfect, to show His love in tangible ways.

looking forward to digging through your archives a bit and soaking up more of Him that radiates through you!


I LOVE this post. You are so beautiful!

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