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what i wear.

yup, this is my daily kinda outfit. just wanted to throw this out there. i don’t know about you but i love to dress in dresses and get all fancy every now in then but- i can’t do it every day. there are a lot of blogs/websites about fashion out there which aren’t at all a bad thing…but for my every day life, i think i will settle for a t-shirt and jeans. i used to be very consumed with buying clothes, looking at fashion magazines, etc. and it is still a struggle at times. but in the end, it really means very little. i do like to shop, don’t get me wrong…but i’ve learned to live a lot more simple and really want to be wise with how i use my time (and money.)

in the end, it won’t really matter if i wore some old jeans and cowboy boots or a pretty dress. that all will fade. it’s temporary. what truly matters is what paul wrote in colossians 3:12 “therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” this is where i want to invest my time and energy. this is eternal.

have a blessed weekend…



Well said! It goes along the lines of the verse I posted on my blog today :)
‘Real life is not measured by how much we own’ Luke 12:15.
On another note, the baby on your hip is a GREAT accessory!

love this post! i’m slowly teaching myself that living simply is just as rewarding. thanks, arielle! i too am 21 and a new wife and momma! love reading your blog and relating to your posts :)

My favorite accessory is the baby on the hip ;)

Anyway, I loved this. I am learning not to place so much importance and self worth in what I wear…even though I need to look nice for work. You’re right…it will fade…

so true! what is that sweet babe going to remember? that you were dressed to the nine everyday? or the wealth you invested?
by the way, I think your everyday look is pretty darling :)

perfect verse for this post! Love this Arielle!

What a wonderful reminder. I like jeans and a t-shirt too, but every spring I get enticed by the flirty skirts ;) I love the verse and the idea that we can invest in this… perfect timing for me to put it into action too as my kids scream and fight for attention in the background.

I can’t wait to read more, consider me a new follower!

Thank you for this.
I’m 22, and love clothes. But since getting married (almost 2 years ago… wow!) I have, somewhat resentfully, had to curb my shopping enthusiasm. We are young and usually broke (but I wouldn’t change it for the world)! In fact, my hubby and I have just had a long and painful discussion about how we need to be wise examples of stewardship to our friends. You are so right – it matters very little what we wear, and this was a great reminder, as I am cleaning out my closet and wishing for a new summer wardrobe, that the eternal is so much more important.

So true! I’ve always been a tshirt & jeans kinda girl anyways. Fashion is great to look at though. But you rock the simple look oh so well. And the baby on the hip is the best accesory ever! Have a great weekend. =]

I love that verse, Arielle. Reminds me of the Proverbs 31 wife. Something I hope I can be called at the end of my life. Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

P.S. Vnecks and jeans are what you can usually find me in. And the shirts are almost always from Target.

Very cute and carefree, love the braids.

a good thing to remember on pay day as well:)

yes! so true. i live in my favorite jeans and comfy shirts and tank tops….and flannel, i love flannel! :)
you look beautiful no matter what you wear anyways! ;)

You make t-shirts and jeans look fancy! Clothes has always been an issue for me. I struggle with my weight, so I try to make up for it by looking cute in clothes. God has been working on me to be more socially conscious of where my clothes come from and also becoming a better steward of my finances. You’re lovely and thank you for the priority reminder. <3

love your hair.

Thank you for always keeping it real! Your inner light shines through and that makes for the most beautiful outfit of all!!
P.S. I’ve moved from WordPress to Blogger, come visit me:)

You shine just as bright in jeans & a t-shirt as you would in an evening gown. Joy is just written all over you & it’s beautiful :)

Love the verse…and love your hair! :)

is it awful that if we were to stand next to each other, you would be dressed up?

all joking aside (though you probably would be), you look AMAZING and I love this message. I’m seriously learning how to save and steward our money and that the material things that fashion mags promote are NOT important. I still read magazines every day though! Just don’t buy anything now…

I love the ‘simple’ way of life, Arielle … even without a little one on my hip! I’m a jeans kinda gal, myself, but I do love those long flowing skirts in the spring and summer! :) And, no, it won’t matter what we wear in the end … being clothed with His character now, is true beauty, and is what matters most … I love how you share yours with us!

I desire more eternal thinking … getting my eyes off the things of the earth and onto the all that really matters to the Lord … being eternally-minded! We need a daily, or should I say ‘minute-by-minute’, reminder to stay focused on Him! So many things can distract us. We have to be aware … to live ‘in Him’, ‘in the moment’ … not always easy, oh, how well I know, but with each passing day, I’m learning! I want to thank you for sharing this, and your heart, today, my friend! You stay blessed … ‘in Him’! Hugs :)

yes ma’am. it’s definitely necessary for me to step back every once in a while and look at my motivations for the way I dress. If it’s fun and it’s for fun, something i enjoy, expression, then I know I’m on the right track. If there are ulterior motives behind my clothing choices- fitting in, standing out, getting attention, losing people’s attention, whatever… then I know something’s off. ps- you’re beautiful, sister. just beautiful.

nothing in the world wrong with rockin’ the blue jeans. i’m wearing an almost identical outfit today…and i wore the same gray target t-shirt yesterday. :)

Amen! Love that verse. It’s a great reminder of how we all should ‘clothe’ ourselves daily.

It’s easy getting hung up on seeing all the fashion blogs and how cute everyone is with their style and how I wish I could dress like them. But I have to remind myself that I shouldn’t be comparing myself to them but to God. Naturally He quickly puts me back in my place.


beautifully put girl! I know. I used to drop half of my paycheck on the latest digs and fits. Only to be unhappy and unfulfilled and BROKE. I still struggle with spending money only it is with FOOD. I stopped buying unnecessary clothes and put on weight and I make up for it all by buying tasty and delicious food. I am quite a weird one. haha The Lord is working on me still but I know He is going to set me free fully. It is a daily struggle though. And then when I’m not eating I walk by a magazine cover with a beautiful airbrushed woman wearing something I didn’t even know they were designing and my eyes get all starstruck. So sad.
easily swayed much?

thankfully the Lord has already told us the most important treasures are those of HIS KINGDOM. The ones we store up in heaven through our love and obedience. That is the treasure I truly desire.


for where your treasure is there your heart will be.

Thanks, I love this. I needed to hear this!!! I truly feel the same way, and sometimes yes, it is a struggle to concentrate on the most important things! But it feels better when I do.

Love your comment Deborah. There really are so many/ too many things that distract us from Him. Blessings :)

You look super cute, casual outfit or not. I also wear my hair in braids 99% of the time, it’s just so easy.

p.s. I’m hosting a little giveaway on my blog (my first ever). Check it out if you have a sec xx

Sorry Arielle, just realized you already did… I’m useless sometimes!

same here sister! you look great!

you are so CUTE!

& such a great outfit! I have sanuk’s too & I love them. When I’m not at work, I’m in jeans, a t-shirt & my TOMS. I also love that you labeled Leland for what you wore. It made me smile! :)
<3 leigh

Arielle, the little one on your hip is the best part! Sometimes it sure can be hard to remember that these material things are of the world, and that the Lord looks at the heart. Good for you for writing it down as a reminder (to me too)! :)


Love it. It totally makes sense! You wear jeans and a tee well! Love the baby on your hip:)
Where did you get the hairband bracelets? Those are a cute accessory and I always have a pony tail holder (elastic) on my wrist!~

You are wearing my favorite color (GREY!) And wearing my favorite accessory (BABY!) Also love the shoes! And I’m so glad you added the verse and your awesome insight:)

Those shoes are pretty!

Monique xx

you are SO right.. and hey, what’s not to love about a good pair of jeans and a comfortable t-shirt? I’m allll over that.


haha thank you! and i totally agree :)


haha thank you katie :) the hairband bracelets are just that…pony tail holders, hehe ;)


so very true! thank you amy :)


thank you leigh! yes…jeans, a tshirt, and toms sounds like me! :) blessings…


thank you brittany! :)


oh i loveee the little giveaway gaby! :)


i agree! thank you so much laura :)


amen! i definitely agree, it really is easy (for me) to wish i could dress all cute like some fashion blogs and magazines i see but comparing gets me nowhere ;) blessings!


awesome! ;) blessings courtney!


thank you so much for the sweet comment mary :) hope you’re having a lovely weekend!


thank you so much, deborah…
i agree! i also love skirts (and dresses) for the summer! ” We need a daily, or should I say ‘minute-by-minute’, reminder to stay focused on Him! So many things can distract us.” …this is the truth. sometimes i wish i was amish that way life could be so much simpler ;)
blessings to you! :)


haha! thank you lori :) you are such an encouragement! hope you are having a blessed weekend!


thank you so much lindsey :)


thank you olivia! going to check it out and follow ;)

amen! :)

I think as a blogger and blog reader it can seem like someone is or seems to be superficial and it can also feed into the desire for things, but all that really matters is Jesus.


thank you for the encouragement scout :)


thank you so much melisande! :)


yes, target has the best deals on clothes ;) ! blessings to you!


thank you nickie! :)


thank you so much allie! i loved reading your comment…definitely a blessing and encouragement! have a great week :)


thank you so much teresa! :)


thanks amy!


thank you so much kaylee!


Oh well they are cute anyways:)

agreed. i have the same struggles. i came across this quote the other day from tozer: “as long as we imagine we own anything, that thing owns us. as soon as we know that we own nothing, God owns us.” i felt like this really exposed my heart to “own” a lot of things. blessed by your blog!

SO true! I love this reminder of what’s eternal, that our outward appearance and physical things are just things and not what God cares about.

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