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garden bridal shower.


this past weekend i had a garden bridal shower for my friend who is getting married in july. i can’t believe how fast time is going by! i wanted to take a few pictures of the details from the shower. the centerpieces were hydrangeas that gave it a sort of “garden” theme. the centerpieces only cost about $7 each. the favors were from nature favors to which i owe a huge thank you! we had some flowers and cookies leftover and were able to pass them out to our neighbors. it was a lovely time and i’m excited for the bride-to-be!

hope y’all had a wonderful monday…



Aw, Arielle, those look great! I bet the shower was beautiful. I’m so glad that everything went well! :)

So beautiful!! Where do you get your Ball jars?

It looks like you had quite a beautiful bridal shower – love the images.

such a beautiful bridal shower! lovely job :)

Ball jars are one of the best inventions of all time, I’m convinced. So cute!

Oh how lovely! I really do adore garden/earthy/nature type decor. And bell jars are one of my FAVORITE decorating pieces! Looks like a lovely atmosphere for a shower. :-)

so chic.

beautiful, as usual.

I love the simple beauty of this bridal shower.

So pretty, Arielle! It’s those little, thoughtful, touches that make an event so special! You captured them beautifully! So, by chance, will you be taking the wedding photos for this bride-to-be? :) I also want to thank you for commenting on my site :) … and for the encouragement you shared in your last post here! You be encouraged as well, and have a blessed week!

So very pretty & special x I had my birthday party a week ago & had the most pretty
serviettes also with the words LAUGH LOVE LIVE on them x :)

LOVE the hydrangeas in ball jars…beautiful! I also know where those cookies are from…favorite :)

Such pretty details. I love hydrangeas. I’m trying to get my three plants to survive…they are looking a little peaky…

Lovely bridal shower. Those cupcakes are so pretty. Hope you have a beautiful week.

P.S. Did you hear Jennifer’s new album sneak peak?! Her voice is amazing. (whether or not you can actually understand what she is saying since it is in another language)

Oh those look awesome!

Love these favors! Too beautiful.. We just got a wedding invitation yesterday that is made from 100% biodegradable paper and embedded with wildflower seeds, plant it and flowers will grow! I thought that was the most precious thing.

super cute! love anything floral and with mason jars :)

What a beautiful shower :)

beautiful photos, glad the shower went so well!

Wow arielle!!! these look incredible :) you’re so talented :) xx

just lovely… thank you for sharing :)

stunning photos

Aw, this is so pretty Arielle! I love hyrangeas. I used lots of them in our wedding. They are perfect for late sring/ early summer!

Your photography is beautiful! I love the clean simplicity of it. Aren’t Ball jars the best? We’ve built up quite a stockpile of them from canning, but we use them as our everyday cups. Wonderful images!

Have a lovely day!


Um, wow !!!!! You look like you’d throw one AWESOME bridal shower!!!!! Maybe one day when it’s time for me to get married ( it’ll obviously be a while, since I’m only 13!!!) I’ll have you do my shower!!! Lol. Though it’d be really awesome to meet you and your cute little family! Let me know next time you’re in SW Florida! ;) haha.
Also, thanks for responding to my last few comments! You should’ve seen the smile that covered my face when I read what you wrote. Thanks!!!

Giving GOD the Glory!!!!

Love the photos. I found you through My reflection of something and i’m loving your blog :)

What a beautiful shower you put on. I love the centerpieces. So lovely and soft and simple. Just perfect. Every bride-to-be should be surrounded with beauty like that to mark her passage into marriage. She must have been so blessed.

This looks like it was a very pleasant bridal shower. I love the elegant little touches and the vintage feel it also had. Very nice. It helps too that is wasn’t exspensive, major bonus :)

Oh, how beautiful!! Love all the details.


i totally agree! :) love them!


i love hydrangeas as well :) thank you!
oh, i will have to check out the new album :) i love listening to hillsong in español so i will have to listen to her music!

have a blessed week!


oh yes! bell jars are the best :)

thank you so much for the kind compliment on my photography! have a very blessed week!

These pictures are beautiful. I’m sure the shower was as well!

Just stumbled upon your blog and I am so glad I did. It is lovely and fabulous. Now following :) This bridal shower looks so amazing!

OMG! What a gorgeous slice of blog heaven!
love it!!!!


thanks brooke! they are from hobby lobby!


thank you abby! that is so sweet of you :) so awesome that you live in florida! where it warm all of the time….very lucky!

hope you have a blessed week <3


thank you brittany! :)

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