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lately…and some exciting news!

this photo or the ampersand has nothing to do with this blog post, incase ya’ll were wondering :)

So I have been MIA around here, but I do have some good excuses as to why. We are in the home stretch before little man #2 arrives, so I feel like there’s not been much to say other than “I’m just waiting.” Which is mostly the case. Waiting. And fighting insomnia. Can you fight insomnia? I don’t think so, but if you know of any secrets, please let me know ;) 3am rolls around and I am wide awake. Just some good practice of getting less sleep, right? Also, at my last doctor’s appointment, baby was breech and I started panicking a little..and praying….and doing all sorts of exercises I found on the internet- ha! This morning the doctor confirmed that he has turned around and is head down and I am so thankful! Really thankful.

I will be continuing to take some time off after the little guy arrives, but I am already getting excited for weddings and sessions that are coming up this spring/summer. This year, I am about booked with as many weddings as I’ll be taking and I am so excited for every single one of them! Once the warm weather comes around and the sun is out, I will be back out shooting so much more and I’m thrilled. Warm weather, come soon!

And for the exciting news….

Last year I attended the Influence Conference and absolutely loved it. They have started the Influence Network¬†which I am a part of and it is truly a blessing and an awesome group of women. Today they announced this year’s conference speakers as well as some additional info! I am so excited to be a community leader and lead a workshop this year. Be sure to check out all of the details here. I hope to see you there! :)




this is so exciting!! i am attending this year, and can not wait to meet you!

praise god! uggg not sleeping during pregnancy is the worst. hope you get some rest soon!

Pregnancy insomnia is the worst. The. worst. Did the doc tell you that you could take a Tylenol pm or anything? My doc prescribed ambien when I was pregnant with my son and, while I only took it a few times, it helped a lot. Can’t believe you’re in the homestretch!

I’m attending the conference this year – excited to meet you! Totally going to your workshop. :)

Yay, excited for you!!! I’m planning to attend the Influence Conference this year, and I’d love to meet you. It’s been so fun finding other photographers in the network!

I’m so glad he turned around for you!! Breech doesn’t sound like fun at all!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

So glad he turned for you!! I am really praying about/hoping/wishing I can attend this year…

Good news all around! The little one will be arriving soon, a fully loaded photography schedule, and the great opportunity presented by the Influence Network! I’ll have to check it out. :)

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