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folk music…

i absolutely love folk/acoustic music. there is just something about it that is down-to-earth and just beautiful. i’ve been playing the guitar since i was a little one (well, 8 years old or so..) and mandolin a little. doesn’t the banjo seem like it would be an incredible instrument to play? maybe that’s next… ;) in the summer, i love sitting in a field out in the country, with a journal in hand, and some good folk music on.

some favorites:

i was playing around with my guitar the other night and here is a little clip of me playing some bluegrass. ha! my guitar wasn’t plugged in or anything and i haven’t played in awhile, but eh…oh well.


p.s. if you really don’t like folk / bluegrass / acoustic music, thanks for reading anyway :)


I absolutely loved that clip. You are so talented!! Photography, music…what else? haha, but anyway very good!! I love following your blog, you have inspired me in so many ways and I just wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to God. I have strayed from him but I am building back the relationship! Thank you for everything you post on here!

Oh, girl … can you hear the applause over here!! That was amazing!! What a gift God has given you, and you certainly use it well!! So glad you shared this, and by the way … I absolutely LOVE folk/bluegrass music! ;)

I also want to thank you for commenting on my site the other day … we made it through the ice storm with just a ‘flicker’ of our lights, and thankfully, we didn’t lose power! Still very icy and cold out there, though, but we can take comfort in knowing that spring is just around the corner … in the meantime, stay warm! Blessings ~ Deborah :)

oh goodness, i LOVE this post so much! folk/bluegrass has my heart, all of these artists are beautiful. especially mumford & sons. and the civil wars! isn’t their new album breathtakingly gorgeous? i love those two. i saw their show in hollywood in december and i still think about it… it was beyond dreamy.

you play so beautifully! it’s a dream of mine to learn the guitar one day. you’ve now inspired me to get on that soon! ;)

This is a wonderful post! Thanks for the long list of folk music recommendations! You are very talented.

You need to play more!!! How about “Honey” ? :) – Love you

um, love chris thile and nickel creek. you are so cute with your guitar.

I love Folk music and I absolutely love Mumford and Sons. I’m a new follower.

Come enter my giveaway.

Loved that clip of you playing! You’re so good! :) I’m going to have to check out some of those groups you mentioned. I’ve heard of several, but there are a few that I haven’t listened to before. :)

I love acoustic/folk music! Especially Mumford & Sons! Have you heard of Angus and Julia Stone? They’re an Australian duo but they’re so amazing, you should listen to them. And Laura Marling ♥

By the way, your blog is completely adorable, as is your son :)

My husband is obsessed with folky music….have you heard of the Avett brothers? You should check them out! ;)


thanks ashlee! haha, i will definitely have to check them out! ;)


thank you deborah! :) so kind of you! glad to hear you like this kind of music too :D

i just found your blog and found it adorable… thanks especially for the folksy favorites, i LOVE folk music and it seems so rare to find others that do. maybe it`s where i live. mumford and sons– a big fan here too. can`t wait to look up the others you mentioned…
keep up the coolness over here…
oh, and wanted to add, i love all your cool braids that you do. i have 2 and 3 year old girls and i adore doing their hair.. thanks for the in-spi-ra-tion!


thank you so much for the kind comment jenny! :) so awesome that you like folk music as well!
i’m definitely going to have to check out your blog!


wonderfully made giveaway!

i am so excited to share this with you all- wonderfully made is giving away one of their necklaces from their shop just in time for valentine’s day.

wonderfully made is a ministry dedicated to helping today’s modern young women discover, strengthen, and reclaim their true value & worth. i absolutely love that they are promoting beauty that comes from Christ for our generation. it is desperately needed! their blog and website have some great resources, so be sure to check them out! i love the video that plays on the front page of their website- simply beautiful.

to enter this little giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment below.

i will draw a winner on february 10th and wonderfully made will be sending you a handmade necklace!

for extra entries: facebook/tweet/blog about this giveaway and be sure to leave a comment with a link. (make a separate comment for each one.)


I love this necklace!! :) I have been on their website and it is awesome. It is vitally important for women to know that their beauty comes from Christ!!


What a wonderful giveaway!! I have never seen their site before. What a great deal of good info. Thanks

Wonderfully Made is such a great organization. Love what they’re doing! That necklace you posted is my favorite. So cute and such a great reminder of our freedom in Christ. :)


I just checked out their website. It’s awesome. Thanks for posting this. :-)


I went to the website to check it out. (I’ve never heard of them before) The video was beautiful…I really enjoyed it!! Thank you for sharing!

Nichole post

I love the website. These necklaces are amazing, I love them!! And I also love your website Areille. You have amazing pictures, maybe you can take some pictures of James and I sometime!


Sure why not leave a comment.
I love youe blog Arielle.
Just the inspiration I need everyday to help me focus
on God- you’re a blessing.

Rachel Mollozzi

hey there arielle… love this site, and so glad to see your doing so well!! God is so good and has been teaching me so much lately.. what a great reminder to know that we will always be beautiful in Christ….. and in christ alone!!


Hooray for giveaways! I really like that pendant.

that’s a lovely necklace!
also wanted to say that your blog has been a blessing to me, ~encouraging and inspiring. thank you!


What a beautiful necklace!

I have just discovered your blog through a link on Sometimes Sweet :)


Your blog was linked on another blog that I follow. I love all the home decor that you do and also love this jewelry! Thanks for sharing!

wonderful and beautiful, as well as inspiring…love it!

i absolutely adore this site and it’s mission! their items help proclaim the beauty of the Lord that He displays through women.

Caison Bridger

This is beautiful!!!!! What a great reminder and a great way to start gospel centered conversations with other people!

Bethany Dicken

:) love the design

Beautiful! Would love to have this necklace!


I love their stuff! I’m hoping I win!

Oh, and I shared the link on FB. :)

Christina Richards

This is SO cute!!!! Hope you are having a Beautiful week!!!

Katie Ferguson

WOO! I love this! :) And You!

Jessica Adams

Beautiful, my favorite word….

Katie Ferguson

I posted it as my status toooo. I think that is what we are supposed to do?


What a beautiful necklace…and beautiful website! :)

What a great necklace with a wonderful message!

I stumbled upon your blog thanks to Danielle @ Sometimes Sweet. I look forward to reading your entries!


What a beautiful piece, x x.


i love it! thanks for making this. what a great blog!


I love your blog! and im going to bible college this would be perfect!! :0)


sooo much love*

Those necklaces are absolutely beautiful. What an amazing ministry!

i was just lurking around and found your blog…i love so much about it: the photography, the fact that you love God, and the fact that you, like myself, were married at 19. :) keep up the inspiring work/life!

Rebekah Stone

oh pick me Arielle, pick me! :) Cute necklace…. i always enjoy reading your blogs!


So sweet! Going to pass this shop on!


beautiful. love this shop!

such a great message. just found your blog and discovered wonderfully made. love it.

our weekend in film.

more like a day in film…from a fisheye camera. but nonetheless, i tried it out on saturday and had the film developed. i didn’t think it would work but, it did! and here are the few pictures we got from it:

i’m a little ready for this snow and dreary weather to be gone. i really think it’s time for sun and dresses and flip flops and…warmer weather ;)

leland smilin’ away :)

happy monday!



Cute photos! (So thrilled to have won the giveaway!) Have a wonderful Monday!

LOL- I LOVE that pic of Leland!!! Cute pictures altogether. Love you! -Mom

LOVE these pictures! What kind of fisheye camera do you have? I’ve been wanting to get one ;)

I love these, Arielle! I’ve never heard of a fish-eye camera … only a lens … but, I’m still learning, *sigh*! Lol! I’m so ready for warm weather, too … although I know that when you look at those two special guys ya got there, it just has to bring enough sunshine into your heart to warm your day! Well, my guy warms my day, too, but I’m hearing we have a major ice storm, with possible power outages, on it’s way to Indy … thankfully, we’re ready for it! You stay warm, and safe, too! :)


i know i ask a million questions about your pictures, but was this taken with one of those lomography cameras? oh, and i just noticed that in your 3rd picture, the “514 building”…that was my grandfather’s bar, ‘the 514 club’ several decades ago! how funny! :) as always, these pictures are awesome! :)

These came out so well! The lomo fisheye is one of my favorites!


hey hope! i don’t mind at all :) yes, it sure was. i love it! wow…what a small world! that is so funny! in covington, right? too cool!
thanks so much! be blessed…

haha yep, covington it is! :)

Your blog/sweet life is absolutely darling. Truly. I’m a little late in the game, but I’m excited to start following along! Hope you three are having a wonderful Tuesday!

your blog is cuter than cute. i’m jealous… only in a nice way, of course. : )

your pictures are amazing. i want to take pictures like you you. jealous again.

you are such a beauty and so is your fam. i would say “jealous again” again but that would be too repetitive. and i learned in 10th grade english class not to say the same thing two too many times. anyway.

i like you already.

it should not say “like you you.” omit one you. thanks. oops.

I just found your blog, and I am in love! I love these photos from your weekend :) So pretty!

I have a fisheye for my Diana camera and I’ve never used it. this makes me want to give it a shot.


samantha lamb

you compare me to you. i compare myself to you, to her, to her life, to her circumstances, to her looks.

comparing has been on my mind lately. how often do we go around the internet, around facebook, around our churches, etc. comparing ourselves to others? we compare our lives to another’s. we compare the way we look to another’s. “oh she is so beautiful. why don’t i have….” or “she has a husband, i mean..why don’t i have…” “she has such a nice car, why don’t i have….”

…see where this is going? we slowly start comparing until we begin our little journey of discontentment and soon, we are down spiraling into a pit of self pity, of disappointment, and sometimes even envy.

yes, she may be beautiful but you are not her, i am not her. you were created to be who you are. God has given us all certain qualities, gifts, and abilities that He might not have given her. she may have gorgeous hair, but you have beautiful eyes. she might be able to sew, but you can cook. i personally cannot, for the life of me, cook or sew but i can strum a guitar.

i think that’s why i never liked looking at magazines much. why spend all of my time looking at all of these celebrities with lovely clothes that i could never even afford. (plus those 5 tips to great hair leaves me wanting to buy some new hair product that i definitely don’t need anyway.) i would much rather spend my time elsewhere rather than comparing and wishing and wanting.

being 21 myself, it is so easy for me to start comparing. the good Lord gave me what i have and it may be different than what you have and what you have may be different than mine…but that’s the beauty of it. we are each able to glorify God in our own unique ways. through our different talents, gifts, words, and abilities. “we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ to do good works…” ephesians 2:10      we are His workmanship. what a profound and beautiful truth!

so i can go strum my guitar now and you can go cook or sew and we will each glorify the Lord in what we were called to do, and who we were called to be.



this is perfect. no matter who you are or where you are in life, we all need reminding of this.


Thank you so much for this post…its exactly what I needed to hear right now!!
God Bless you!!

rachel mollozzi

I really enjoyed this, so often in life I find myself comparing…. thank you for the great reminder in that we are created in His workmanship!!! :))


thank you rachel! ♡

you are so right. it is so easy to find people to compare yourself to, instead of being thankful and amazing that we were created to be who we are by the God of the universe. And he delights in us, just as we are! Beautiful!

little moccasins.

i had gotten these little moccasins before leland was born. i can’t believe he can fit in them already! tomorrow he will be fifteen weeks old. before i know it he will be rolling over, eating cereal, and sitting up on his own. i’m beginning to see why parents always say that time goes by fast. if only time could slow down just a little. but i am enjoying each little new thing he learns…just too cute.

have a lovely thursday.



omggg those are the cutest! my husband just bought a similar, much larger, pair over the weekend… so silly! you are such a gorgeous family! xx

AH! this melts my heart. so adorable.


those little shoes are the cutest!! hes such a adorable little guy! :)

Now, you must realize, Arielle, that ‘we’ used to wear those moccasins in high school! Lol!! They were the fashion of the day, and oh how I loved them! They look even better on Leland, though! :) He is absolutely adorable, and this is such a precious photo! How well I remember, they do grow way too fast, and it seems that time speeds up as well …. grab every little moment you can!

Bless you!


Oh, the time does fly. And, and do mark all of his growth progress on a calendar or in a journal. Years down the road, you will not remember how much he weighed at 15 weeks, or when his first tooth broke through, or when he took his first trip to the park, but you’ll wish you did! Write it ALL down. All of those little “achievements” are special. :)

freaking out over those little mocs… arielle, he is just SO so so adorable.

oh my! those are precious! wherever did you find such awesome mocs for your babe? xo

aaaah! SO CUTE!!!!

another january day.

oh my goodness, i can’t believe it’s almost the end of january! where has the time gone? i have so many pictures that i want to post from this past month but some those can wait for another day :) so here are a few random pictures… it seems like now that we have a little one i have the camera attached to me everywhere i go!

…so thankful for him.

a little blurry….but eh, not every picture is perfect, right?

the picture on the right really looks like…….i don’t even know.

i bought this necklace the other day at goodwill for $3 thank ya very much!

….and i bought this corduroy skirt from another thrift store for $4

“the key to a good marriage: = a lot of love, a lot of selflessness, and a lot of making out.” ;)



I love seeing your ‘random’ photos. So fun. :) We need to go thrift store shopping together sometime. You find the best things! That skirt is adorable and the necklace is lovely! :)



Great quote about marriage! :) It was fun to read about your treasures from Goodwill. Thrifting is the best!

you are GORGEOUS!


thank you kristin! they are pretty random.. and yes…what a great idea! we definitely should sometime…it would be fun! :) blessings!