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Thankful is absolutely the best word to describe how I have been feeling lately. So thankful. The past couple ofView full post »

my mission field.

My life lately has consisted of naps, editing of course, playing cars and trucks with Leland, picking up, notView full post »

why i do what i do…

The other night, I was going through old photos, getting ready to back them up so that I could sell my old laptop. IView full post »

faith and confidence.

My worth does not come from my accomplishments or successes or how people view me. How often I need to be reminded ofView full post »

happy easter!

hope you have a beautiful resurrection sunday!View full post »

always today.

i found this printed and taped in my journal from 2008. i didn’t write it (not sure who did) but absolutely loveView full post »

it’s been quiet around here…

i write a sentence or two, then delete and start again. write, delete. write….delete. lately, i haven’t hadView full post »

finding rest.

tonight i was sitting alone (which is rare these days) listening to some worship music and just felt so at peace. aView full post »

inspiration vs. discontentment

hey folks! hope you are having a lovely wednesday. a few weeks ago i posted a quote on twitter: “good reminderView full post »

psalm 145

“the Lord is gracious, and full of compassion; slow to anger, and of great mercy. the Lord is good to all: and hisView full post »

making the best use of time.

in 2012, i want to be making the best use of time  ….it is so easy to get distracted by everything it seems theseView full post »

singleness {a letter to young women}

Single young women…. Praise Jesus for your singleness! I’ve been wanting to write something for a while toView full post »

where my worth is found.

it’s late, i am the only one awake in the house, and i really should be working and editing but to be honest, iView full post »

beauty to pursue.

…Today I am over at the Wonderfully Made blog! This past week has been a little crazy but I will be back to postView full post »

fearless | stepping out in faith.

My oh my, it’s raining and cold here today. It kind of feels like Christmas minus the snow and the fact that it isView full post »

a radical blessing.

today i’ve spent some time going through some old journals of mine. i found an entry in one from almost two yearsView full post »

what is true beauty?

today, i’m over at the wonderfully made blog. i was asked to be the photography contributer for the blog and i amView full post »